Explore Ways

Looking for ideas on what you can do? Here are some simple ways to make a difference in the lives of your family, your neighbors, your community, and our precious earth.

Donate to But Still I Am One to support homeless young adults.

Putting notes of love and support in children’s or spouse’s lunch box, book bag, or valise.

Reading to children.

Helping a disabled veteran.

Donate blood.

Having a no tech night where you eat favorite foods, play games or read stories.

Paying for people's groceries when they don't have enough money in the checkout line.

Volunteering at a food cupboard.

Calling an elder person regularly – someone who isn't related to you – to brighten their day.

Having weekly or monthly family get-togethers.

Doing monthly check-ins with parents or loved ones who live far away by Skype or phone calls.

Filling up your spouse’s gas tank.

Being a Soup Fairy – delivering jars of soup to friends who are sick or just having a bad day.

Donating to a food cupboard.

Snow plowing your neighbor’s driveway, shoveling their porch, or cleaning their car off.

Reading the online local newspaper to someone over the phone, even if they live far away.

Doing after-dinner walks.

If you knit or crochet, making hats for women who are being treated for Cancer. Or making hats for the homeless.


When you go for a walk, bringing a bag to pick up trash.

Using alternative transportation, like walking or bicycling.

Visiting people in a nursing home. Reading or playing games with them will make their day.

Volunteering to hold babies in the hospital.

Donating school supplies to schools.

Volunteering to help at after-school programs.

Buying someone you don’t know a piece of pizza or a coffee by paying it forward.

Smiling directly at a stranger.

Giving a compliment to a friend.

Having an attitude of laughter.

Doing a thoughtful gesture.