About Our Founder

Life Lessons in Action

When I was a little child, right before Christmas, my mom would sit down with me next to my toy box, and we would go through it, toy by toy, talking about how often I played with them.

If it was a favorite toy, then we would keep it, but if I hadn’t played with it in a long time, and it was still in good shape, we would put it in a box in order to give it to needy children.

This first Life Lesson is why I started “But Still I Am One.”

I believe that everyone can and does make a difference. When I learned in 2002 about the plight that young adults face in Maine, I knew I wanted to help them. However, due to my disability, I wasn't able to start But Still I am One until 2021 when Zoom became a method of communication that everyone was using due to the Pandemic. I am hoping you will choose "to be part of our something."

I have also provided you a list of other simple ideas you can explore on how you can make a difference in the lives of your family, your neighbors, your community, and our precious earth.