About Us & Our Mission

The “Something” We Are Doing

We are on a mission to empower young adults aged sixteen to twenty-one experiencing homelessness in Waldo County. We are a 501(c)(3) tax-deductible nonprofit, and our vision is to one day be able to provide them a safe haven – a place they can call their home.

But Still I am One has a three-tier Master Plan. The first tier is helping the youth with immediate needs. The second tier is the Host Home Project (learn more about the Host Home Project here). The third tier is to be able to own or lease a house where we can offer young people a place they can call home.

But Still I Am One's endeavors are guided by our Board of Directors.

teen boy sitting on the floor, thinking of her troubles

Why we are here:

The rate of young adults experiencing homelessness in Maine has surged dramatically. Over the past three years, their numbers have increased four times the national average. This disturbing trend highlights the urgent need for prompt attention and action.

Several factors contribute to the prevalence of young adults experiencing homelessness:

  • Poverty: Economic hardships and lack of resources prevent young adults from securing stable housing.
  • Opioid Epidemic: Substance abuse issues, particularly with opioids, frequently lead to homelessness.
  • Domestic Violence: Young adults escaping abusive situations often end up without a home.
  • Sexual Orientation: Discrimination or rejection based on sexual orientation can force young adults out of their homes.
  • Trauma: Many young adults who are experiencing homelessness have trauma, which contributes to instability at home.

It is critical to address this crisis. We invite you to become an integral part of our "Something." Your donations will be directly applied to our mission.

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Meet Our Founder

Life Lessons in Action

When I was a little child, right before Christmas, my mom would sit down with me next to my toy box, and we would go through it, toy by toy, talking about how often I played with them.

If it was a favorite toy, then we would keep it, but if I hadn’t played with it in a long time, and it was still in good shape, we would put it in a box in order to give it to needy children.

This first Life Lesson is why I started But Still I Am One.

I believe that everyone can and does make a difference. When I learned in 2002 about the plight that young adults face in Maine, I knew I wanted to help them. However, due to my disability, I wasn't able to start But Still I am One until 2021 when Zoom became a method of communication that everyone was using due to the Pandemic. I am hoping you will choose "to be part of our something" by volunteering or donating to our efforts.