About Us & Our Mission

The “Something” We Are Doing

We are providing services to young adults ages 16 to 21 who are unhoused or home insecure in Waldo County. We are a 501(c)(3) tax-deductible nonprofit, and our vision is to one day be able to provide them a safe haven. A place that they can call their home!

But Still I Am One's endeavors are guided by our Board of Directors.

Why we are here:

The number of young adults who are unhoused in Maine is skyrocketing! Their overall number grew at four times the rate of the country as a whole in the last three years.

There are many reasons why young adults are unhoused. Poverty, the opioid epidemic, domestic violence, and sexual orientation are central. Most of these young adults have suffered some type of trauma in their lives, and so they leave their homes because they feel unsafe.

(Photo by Highwaystarz-Photography)

Young adults who are unhoused often don’t fit the stereotypes of adults who are unhoused. While adults panhandle on street medians, camp in the woods, or crowd into emergency shelters, young adults sleep at friends’ homes or couch-surf, stay in a hotel, or live outdoors.

Services we provide:

  • direct rental assistance
  • food
  • clothing
  • phones and/or phone cards
  • gas cards
  • partial financial assistance for driving school

Advocacy and Assistance:

  • supportive case management
  • aid in the emancipation of minors
  • guidance in learning crucial life skills
  • effective response to other requests

While young adults who are unhoused or home insecure are incredibly resilient, they need our help. Without our help, their futures could be very bleak. This is why we want you to be a crucial part of our “something.” Every donation that you make will go directly to our mission.