Host Home Project

We are very excited to announce our next goal – our Host Home Project.

But Still I Am One Host Home Project logoWe would like to start with two homes. One of them would be a Stranger's Home. The Stranger’s Home is where a family or person from the community agrees to be a host. The young adult doesn't know these people. There's a 30-question questionnaire that the host fills out and then the young adult answers the same questionnaire. Background checks are done on both parties. Once that is complete, then we would work to match the young adult up with a host. Depending on the situation of the young adult, their stay could be a short three months or as long as both parties agree to.

The second type of host home is called the Kinship Home. This is where the young adult self-selects the person they want to live with. In this case, we would again do a background check. Depending on how the young adult and the host feel, the questionnaire might not be necessary.

With both types of homes, we would reimburse the host up to $300 monthly to help with their additional expenses. There would be weekly check-ins by our project coordinator to make sure everyone was comfortable with the arrangement.

In order to get this project started, we hope to hire a part-time coordinator. The pay would be $25 an hour for six hours per week. If you are interested, please email us a resume at

This project is the second part of our three-tier master plan. The first tier was helping the youth with immediate needs. The second tier is the Host Home Project, and the third tier is to be able to own or lease a house where we can offer young people a place that they can call home.

We are so grateful to all of you for your support. It is because of all of you that our plans are becoming a reality.