Host Home Project

We’re thrilled to announce our Host Home Project. Let’s delve into the details.

  1. But Still I Am One Host Home Project logoKinship Homes: In this type of arrangement, the young adult self-selects the person they want to live with. It could be a friend, coach, or another family member, such as a grandparent.
  2. New Host Homes: Here, a family or community member agrees to be a host. The young adult and host don’t know each other initially. We match them up based on a 30-question questionnaire that both parties fill out.
    • Background checks are conducted for both the host and the young adult.
    • Depending on the young adult’s situation, their stay could be as short as three months or extended longer if both parties agree.
  3. Financial Support for Hosts: Once all the necessary forms are completed and verified and a home safety check is done, we will reimburse the host up to $300 monthly to assist with additional expenses.
  4. Weekly Check-Ins: Our Project Coordinator, Patty Crawford, ensures everyone is comfortable with the arrangement through regular check-ins.

Our Host Home Project Coordinator

But Still I Am One Host Home Project coordinator, Patty CrawfordIn order to get this project started, we hired a part-time Host Home Project Coordinator. Her name is Patty Crawford, and she can be reached at

Our Three-Tier Master Plan

This project is the second part of our three-tier master plan:

  1. Immediate Needs: The first tier focused on helping youth with their immediate needs.
  2. Host Home Project: The second tier connects young adults with host families.
  3. Future Housing: The third tier aims to own or lease a house, providing young people with a place they can truly call home.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all of you for your support. Your donations are turning our plans into reality.